Lesson ALSP:D3-11
Plant Pests, Defenses, and Controls
CD ALSP.  Advanced Life Sciences- Plant
Unit D.  Development and Function of Plant Systems
Problem Area 3.  Plant Growth and Development
Lesson 11.  Plant Pests, Defenses, and Controls

__________________________ is a form of symbiosis in which one species benefits and the other species is neither harmed nor helped.


            a.         mutualism

            b.         commensalism

            c.         parasitism

            d.         cannibalism
Answer: b

What type of organism kills and devours another organism?


            a.         predatory organism

            b.         herbivory organism

            c.         omnivory organism

            d.         scavenging organism
Answer: a

What are bad tasting and sometimes toxic compounds produced by plants as a powerful means of defense?


            a.         lignins

            b.         amino acids

            c.         primary metabolites

            d.         secondary metabolites
Answer: d

The formation of a chemical barrier to stop the spread of disease in a tree is known as ____________________________.


            a.         the antimicrobial screen

            b.         the phenolic response

            c.         compartmentalization

            d.         decay defense
Answer: c

What is an ecologically based approach to controlling plant pests?


            a.         cultural control

            b.         biological control

            c.         physical control

            d.         integrated pest management
Answer: d