Lesson ALSP:G1-4
Fuels from Crops
CD ALSP.  Advanced Life Sciences- Plant
Unit G.  Ecology
Problem Area 1.  Agriculture and the Environment
Lesson 4.  Fuels from Crops

Ethanol is an example of _____________________.


a.                  an ester

b.                  an alcohol

c.                  gasoline

d.                  diesel fuel

Answer: b

What causes energy to be released from molecules of food to furnish energy for metabolism and growth of microorganisms.


a.                  photosynthesis

b.                  aerobics

c.                  fermentation

d.                  anaerobics

Answer: c

What is one of the main gases that is causing global warming or the greenhouse effect?


a.                  oxygen

b.                  nitrogen

c.                  carbon

d.                  carbon dioxide

Answer: d

What is the process in the manufacture of ethanol that involves heating a substance and then condensing the vapor or gas that is created to purify or concentrate it?


a.                  condensation

b.                  distillation

c.                  respiration

d.                  oxidation

Answer: b

What renewable resources are used to create biofuels?


a.                  corn, soybeans, sugar cane, animal waste, plant waste, wood, and algae

b.                  petroleum and coal

c.                  methane and ethylene

d.                  soil, water, and air

Answer: a

Carbon is found in the biotic and abiotic reservoirs called ____________________________.


            a.         wells

            b.         biofuels

            c.         sinks

            d.         the atmosphere
Answer: c

What is biomass?


a.                  any organic plant and animal matter that can be used to produce energy

b.                  resources such as fossil fuels are those that cannot be reused

c.                  a colorless, heavy, and odorless gas found in the atmosphere

d.        volatile organic compounds and toxic air emissions

Answer: a

What is an important by-product of fermentation?


            a.         glucose

            b.         pyruvic acid

            c.         yeast

            d.         alchohol
Answer: d

Fermentation that occurs in the presence of air is said to be ____________________________


            a.         glycolic

            b.         aerobic

            c.         anaerobic

            d.         alcoholic
Answer: b