Lesson DD:G1-2
Design Questions
CD DD.  Drafting & Design
Unit G.  Creative Problem Solving
Problem Area 1.  Thinking and Questioning Skills
Lesson 2.  Design Questions

_____ is the process of creating or building something that performs a function.

a. Design

b. Mission

c. Purpose

d. Task

Answer: a

What term refers to all the goals the design must achieve?

a. design task

b. goal diversification

c. multi-designing

d. objective pyramid

Answer: a

Which is a recommended practice when it comes to questioning techniques?

a. Avoid questioning answers given by the client; “the customer is always right.”

b. It is important to ask general questions followed by more specific questions.

c. It is essential to explain in detail how a design feature works and its exact function.

d. It is vital to ask specific questions followed by general questions to narrow the focus.

Answer: b

The reactions from _____ help gauge the impact and salability of the design.

a. design teams

b. probing inquiries

c. study groups

d. target outsiders

Answer: c