Lesson MP:B2-3
Work Information Resources
CD MP.  Manufacturing and Production
Unit B.  Assessments
Problem Area 2.  Metrics for Skills (Hard and Soft); Pre-employment Testing
Lesson 3.  Work Information Resources
Which of the following does IMEC (Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center) not provide?
a)job placement
b)technical assistance and consulting services
c)guest speakers
d)solve problems and improve performance

Answer: a
________________ is a trade association of 1,000 Illinois manufacturing and supplier companies, mostly in precision metalworking.
a)Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC)
b)Illinois Metalworking Society (IMS)
c)Technology/Manufacturing Aligned (TMA)
d)Illinois Technology Center (ITS)

Answer: c
Which is a tool for high school and college students, counselors, parents, and anyone searching for in-depth career resources?
a)Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC)
b)Illinois Pathways
c)Illinois workNET
d)Career Information System

Answer: d