Lesson MP:A3-1
Human Relations Skills
CD MP.  Manufacturing and Production
Unit A.  Soft Skills
Problem Area 3.  Team Building
Lesson 1.  Human Relations Skills
________________means follow up.

Answer: c
Which of the following is not an interpersonal skill?
d)Active listening

Answer: a
Which of the following goes along with a good work ethic?
a)People doing their best work.
b)People who are coachable.
c)People who inspire others.
d)All of the above

Answer: d
What are the three Cís of communication strategies?
a)Clear expectations, content, commitment
b)Clear expectations, context, commitment
c)Current expectations, context, commitment
d)Close expectations, content, commitment

Answer: b
What is one rule of thumb on sending and receiving emails on a single topic?
a)After five emails sent and received, the topic should be let go
b)After five emails sent and received a face to face meeting should be set up
c)After five emails sent and received, texting should replace the emails
d)After five emails sent and received, management should get involved

Answer: b