Lesson MP:A4-1
Leadership Skills
CD MP.  Manufacturing and Production
Unit A.  Soft Skills
Problem Area 4.  Leadership/Followership
Lesson 1.  Leadership Skills
What is the ability to develop and initiate a personal network of colleagues and contacts?
a)good leadership
b)contact leadership
c)network leadership
d)personal leadership

Answer: d
Which of Belbinís nine group roles typically avoids delegating?
d)resource investigator

Answer: a
Which leader is generally a task-oriented person who outlines the steps needed and gives direction to individuals to complete the steps?
d)None of the above

Answer: b
What is the Behavior Theory of Leadership based on?
a)Great leaders have great behavior.
b)Great leaders are made not born.
c)Great leaders know how to teach good behavior.
d)Great leaders are born not made.
Answer: b
What is the Management Theory of Leadership focused on?
a)supervision, organization, and group performance
b)supervision, communication and group performance
c)management, organization and team dynamics
d)management, organization and team performance

Answer: a