Lesson GEEC:C3-2
Blueprint Reading
CD GEEC.  Green and Energy-Efficient Construction
Unit C.  Core Applied Skills
Problem Area 3.  Project Design and Management Tasks
Lesson 2.  Blueprint Reading
Blueprints are reproductions of technical drawings that contain a large amount of information for the architect, the drafter, and construction crew. How are blueprint readings interpreted as a part of technical drawings?
a)by blueprint reading which interprets the language in the form of symbols, notes, and abbreviations
b)by blueprint focusing which interprets only the objects that contain a circle and the notes
c)by blueprint watching which interprets only the notes that are found on the blueprint
d)by blueprint detailing which interprets the objects, the notes, and the circled objects on the blueprint

Answer: a
Using tools when drafting is an essential component of drafting a design. How is a compass used when creating architectural or engineering plans?
a)It is used to draw straight lines and corners on the drawing.
b)It is used to draw triangles at the 30-60 degree and the 45 degree angles.
c)It is used to sharpen drafting pencils and leads as well as number 2 pencils.
d)It is used to draw circles and arcs on architectural or engineering plans.

Answer: d
A drafting board provides a good platform for the drawing to be drafted. Why are drafting boards smooth, flat, and rectangular in shape for use when drafting?
a)because the computer has to fit on it with scotch tape or duct tape so it stays in place
b)because the paper or canvas must be placed on a flat surface that provides a good drawing platform
c)because it allows for the ease of using number 2 pencils or pens to draft the drawing
d)because it provides a surface that is not level so the drawing may be drafted properly

Answer: b
There is a lot of information that is found on the blueprint. Why is the title block an important component of the blueprint?
a)It measures the lay out angles and drawings and includes the measurements.
b)It is used to create straight and bold lines at any angle on the drawing.
c)It contains specific information required to interpret the drawings.
d)It is used to define the bold lines and right angles in the drawings.

Answer: c
Why is the drawing scale critical to the overall accuracy of the objects in the blueprint?
a)because the drawing scale is measured in inches and centimeters and is easy to read
b)because the drawing scale is relative to the actual object it represents in the drawing
c)because ordinance survey maps need the drawing scale to be 1:40 and 1:50
d)because the scale of the floor plans must be in line with the objects in the drawing

Answer: b