Lesson DD:I1-3
Mentoring Relationships
CD DD.  Drafting & Design
Unit I.  Project Management
Problem Area 1.  Resource Management in Drafting and Design
Lesson 3.  Mentoring Relationships
____________________ is an experienced co-worker who acts as a coach or guide for new employees.
a. Mentor
b. Mentee
c. Tutor
d. Trainer

Answer: a
What is a company culture?
a. geographical location where a particular company originated
b. behavior, values and attitudes of the owners and employees
c. the standards that drive a board of directors
d. the hiring guidelines and practices of the owners

Answer: b
In which phase of the mentoring relationship do the mentor and mentee establish trust?
a. phase one
b. phase two
c. phase three
d. phase four

Answer: c
Which of the following is NOT a likely reason why issues may arise in the mentoring relationship?
a. lack of honesty
b. lack of loyalty to the mentor
c. lack of chemistry
d. unrealistic expectations

Answer: b
Which of the following is the correct order and phases of a mentoring relationship?
a. introduction, building the mentee, develop the relationship, ending contact
b. introduction, establishing trust, define expectations, ending the formal relationship
c. orientation, develop the mentee, build the relationship, reducing contact
d. orientation, building relationships, developing the mentee, ending the formal relationship

Answer: d