Lesson DD:I2-2
Organizational Skills
CD DD.  Drafting & Design
Unit I.  Project Management
Problem Area 2.  Tracking and Managing the Drafting and Design Project
Lesson 2.  Organizational Skills
Which of the following is not advantage of an organized worker?
a)more productive, jobs completed on time
b)greater potential for job growth
c)more efficient with time and energy, therefore happier
d)prefer not to delegate to ensure things are done correctly

Answer: d
Assigning a responsibility to someone else is also known as__________________.
c)being lazy

Answer: a
What is the first step to the time management process?
a)determine the order of importance
b)list all tasks to be completed
c)determine length of the task
d)set up a schedule

Answer: b
What is the process of making choices on what task(s) will be completed and when?
b)time skills
c)time management

Answer: c