Lesson BMM:F2-1
FBLA Opportunities
CD BMM.  Business, Marketing, and Computer Education
Unit F.  Develop Leadership Skills in Business
Problem Area 2.  Recognize Opportunities in Student Organizations
Lesson 1.  FBLA Opportunities
When was the FBLA founded?

Answer: a
What is PVSA?
a)Principalís Volunteer Service Award
b)Presidentís Volunteer Service Award
c)Presidentís Victory Service Award
d)Principalís Volunteer Sacrifice Award

Answer: b
When is the Institute for Leaders (IFL) conference held each year?
a)In conjunction with the State Leadership Conference
b)In conjunction with National Fall Leadership Conference.
c)In conjunction with the National Leadership Conference
d)In conjunction with the State Summer Leadership Conference.

Answer: c
Which organization does not recognize FBLA?
a)Association for Career and Technical Education
b)National Association of Superintendents
c)National Business Education Association
d)U.S. Department of Education

Answer: b
What service group has FBLA partnered with for almost 40 years?
a)Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
b)American Diabetes Association
c)National Humane Society
d)March of Dimes

Answer: d