Lesson AFNR:D2-2
Print-Media News Releases and Advertisements
CD AFNR.  (AFNR) Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (FFA/SAE/Leadership)
Unit D.  Communication Skills
Problem Area 2.  Written Communications
Lesson 2.  Print-Media News Releases and Advertisements
What determines if a print-media news release is newsworthy?
a)It should be from a another town and focus on what is happening there.
b)It must be written before an actual event or activity.
c)It must be important, local, and/or timely.
d)It must be written after an event that occurs in the town.

Answer: c
What does a follow-up story focus on (primarily) when written properly?
a)It focuses on the consequences of an event.
b)It focuses on the event while it is happening.
c)It focuses on the event before it happens.
d)It focuses on a fictional story to peak interest.

Answer: a
Why is attribution an important part of telling a story to readers?
a)because it provides the reporters opinions on a story
b)because it provides the details of where the information came from
c)because it shows that the information is objective and fiction
d)because it shows if the reporter is editorializing the story

Answer: b
What is unique about a cover story?
a)It is written before the event happens.
b)It is written during an event.
c)It is written immediately following an event.
d)It is written 24-48 hours after an event.

Answer: c
What is the inverted pyramid style of writing?
a)writing that starts with the least important information and works up to the most important information
b)writing that provides an overview of all the information and not emphasizing any importance
c)writing that only emphasizes advertisements and special ads for the media
d)writing that starts with the most important information and works down to the least important information

Answer: d
How are pictures that are used in print-media good at a telling a story or sharing information?
a)because pictures are cheaper to use than actual writing of an article
b)because pictures show emotions and that is what people like to see
c)because pictures take up more space in a magazine or newspaper
d)because pictures show that photography is important

Answer: b
How is cropping done to a picture that one might use in an advertisement?
a)It adds parts of an image to the existing image.
b)It cuts off the parts of an image that are distracting.
c)It must show all parts of the picture including any distractions.
d)It must be taken with an actual camera; not a cell phone.

Answer: b
How is screening done when working with pictures?
a)It is done by converting a photograph to an image with thousands of tiny colored dots.
b)It is done by adding red and green hues to a picture with thousands of tiny gray dots.
c)It is done by adding only black to a picture with thousands of tiny dots of all colors.
d)It is done by eliminating all colors and retaining black, browns, and grays as tiny dots.

Answer: a
What do print-media advertisements have to have in order for it to get the readers attention?
a)a long explanation of some information
b)a picture with no information
c)nothing; readers will read it anyways
d)an intriguing headline to capture interest

Answer: d
What is jargon?
a)a specialized language of a specific trade
b)a specialized type of writing of a trade
c)a specialized level of thinking within a trade
d)a specialized way of giving gifts within a trade

Answer: a
Why is finding the right balance between too little and too much information important?
a)Because providing more words to share the information is best.
b)Because providing only a few words to share the information.
c)Because the least number of words possible convey the meaning is best.
d)Because over using words is the best way to convey the meaning.
Answer: c
Why should a bold theme be used repeatedly throughout the writing?
a)Because it is attractive, long, and informational.
b)Because it provides clarity and brevity.
c)Because a theme sticks in the readers mind.
d)Because it does not stick in the readers mind.

Answer: c
What is contrast as it relates to pictures?
a)showing the same hues throughout the pictures
b)visual difference between darker and lighter areas
c)converting a photograph to a different image
d)showing how the photograph contains similarities

Answer: b
What is a caption?
a)a composite of information that is part of the article
b)a short explanation of an illustration or a photograph
c)a photo that has good contrast of hues and colors
d)a colored photo that has rich and vibrant colors

Answer: b
How should an advertisement benefit the reader?
a)how it is written to sell a product
b)how it will benefit the reader
c)how wording is used in the print
d)how items should be sold

Answer: b