Lesson APSR:C7-13
Exploring the Equine Industry
CD APSR.  Animal, Plant & Soil Science
Unit C.  Animal Science and the Industry
Problem Area 7.  Understanding the Livestock, Large Animal, Poultry, and Bee Industries
Lesson 13.  Exploring the Equine Industry

1. What is a gelding?

a. a female horse

b. a horse of either gender that has not been weaned

c. a male castrated before reaching sexual matuity

d. a male kept for breeding

Answer: c

2. What is the offspring with a female horse and a male donkey mate?

a. jenny

b. mule

c. hinny

d. donkey

Answer: b

3. What is one hand equal to?

a. 4 inches

b. 8 inches

c. 10 inches

d. 12 inches

Answer: a

4. What is the type of horse that is trained to monitor and round of cattle?

a. a welsh

b. pony

c. draft horse

d. stock horse

Answer: d

5. What breed of horse is an easy keeper; used for a saddle horse, stock horse or driving; is considered an all-purpose horse; may be bay, brown, black or chestnut in color?

a. thoroughbred

b. morgan

c. quarter

d. paint

Answer: b
How is the height of a horse determined?

a)distance from the nose to the lowest point of hoof
b)distance from the ground to the highest point of the withers
c)a unique measurement for horses is taken from the tailhead to the ground
d)height of a horse is determined by which class a horse is classified

Answer: b
A _____ is a horse under 14.2 hands tall and weighs between 500 and 900 pounds.
a)light horse
b)draft horse
c)race horse

Answer: d
Which of the following is a female horse under three years of age?
d)light horse

Answer: a
Which of the following is an immature male horse?
d)draft horse

Answer: c
How are today’s horses predominately used in the United States?
d)all of the above

Answer: d
How can a hoof pick, halter, saddle, and a talk comb be classified?

Answer: b
Which of the following are the two different types of saddles?
a)Arabian and Quarter
b)Buckskin and Bay
c)Western and English
d)Draft and Racing

Answer: c
Which of the following are the two color patterns of the American Paint horse?
a)gray and chestnut
b)tobiano and overo
c)palomino and black
d)dun and bay

Answer: b
How are Arabian horses used?
a)stock work
b)field work
d)none of the above

Answer: c
Which of the following is classified as a draft horse?
a)American Paint
b)Quarter Horse

Answer: d