Lesson HST:B2-1
Health Science Career Pathways
CD HST.  Health Science Technology
Unit B.  Career Exploration
Problem Area 2.  Health Science Career Pathways
Lesson 1.  Health Science Career Pathways

1. Which health science pathway consists of careers that focus on highly scientific research and the application of that research to life, health, and human problems?

a. Biotechnology Research & Development

b. Diagnostic Services

c. Health Informatics

d. Support Services

Answer: a

2. ____________ is the use of computer technology to analyze biological information.

a. Bioinformatics

b. Bioremediation

c. Biotechniques

d. Biotronik

Answer: a

3. Which activity is most closely associated with the Therapeutic Services pathway?

a. Assess and monitor patient status, and develop treatment plans.

b. Collect, document, analyze, study, code, categorize, organize, and process patient and health information.

c. Purchase, supply, repair, and maintain general and medical equipment.

d. Use complex chemical, mathematical, and statistical formulas to analyze data.

Answer: a

4. Which careers are related to the Diagnostic Services pathway?

a. food service, housekeeping, maintenance

b. medical assistant, unit clerk, medical secretary

c. nurse, physical therapist, nursing assistant

d. physician, MRI technician, radiologist

Answer: d