Lesson BMM:A4-1
First Impressions
CD BMM.  Business, Marketing, and Computer Education
Unit A.  Technology
Problem Area 4.  Format Business Documents
Lesson 1.  First Impressions

1. Who is the person receiving the message?

a. the subject line

b. the recipient

c. the sender

d. the memorandum

Answer: b

2. What is a form of business communication that represents a company and not an individual?

a. business letter

b. e-mail

c. memorandum

d. resume

Answer: a

3. Which of the following is the purpose of a cover letter?

a. to invite customers to a business meeting

b. to summarize the daily routines of a manager

c. to explain more fully one’s qualifications

d. to remind team leaders of Monday’s meetings

Answer: c

4. A _________ is a brief description of one’s professional or work experience and qualifications.

a. business letter

b. memorandum

c. personal business letter

d. resume

Answer: d

5. What are the types of errors found in business documents?

a. formatting, spelling and grammar

b. clear and concise message

c. formatting, clear message

d. abbreviations, spelling, and informal letter

Answer: a