Lesson FCS:B7-3
Occupational Competencies
CD FCS.  Introduction to FCS Careers
Unit B.  Employability in Family and Consumer Science
Problem Area 7.  Gaining Employment
Lesson 3.  Occupational Competencies

1. What are the attributes that enable an individual to perform the duties of an occupation?

a. employment approach

b. occupational competencies

c. personal qualities

d. work skills

Answer: b

2. What is the capacity to perform activities that typically require a high degree of development in manipulative areas in a family and consumer science occupation, perform a mathematical calculation, or use a global positioning system?

a. attitude

b. education

c. knowledge

d. skill

Answer: d

3. What are the abilities to get and keep a job?

a. employability skills

b. general education

c. interpersonal skills

d. technical skills

Answer: a

4. What involves carefully studying what a person does at work in an occupation?

a. business aptitude

b. industrial ability

c. occupational competency

d. task analysis

Answer: d