Lesson FCS:A1-3
How Diet Impacts Health
CD FCS.  Introduction to FCS Careers
Unit A.  Food Science
Problem Area 1.  Introduction to Food Science
Lesson 3.  How Diet Impacts Health

1. Too many empty calories can result in ____.

a. energy depletion

b. nutrient poisoning

c. weight gain

d. weight loss

Answer: c

2. Which is one of seven claims related to diet and health that can be made on a food label?

a. Diets high in fruits and vegetables can help prevent cancer.

b. Diets high in saturated fat and cholesterol can help prevent heart disease.

c. Diets low in fiber can help prevent cancer.

d. Diets low in sodium can help prevent osteoporosis.

Answer: a

3. What is the level of nutrient intake required to meet the nutritional needs of the average healthy person?

a. Federal Nutrition Requirement

b. Human Calorie Obligation

c. Minimum Daily Intake

d. Recommended Dietary Allowance

Answer: d

4. What is the amount of energy released when nutrients are burned?

a. BTU

b. calorie

c. nutrient

d. sugar

Answer: b