Lesson FCS:A5-3
Food Label Requirements
CD FCS.  Introduction to FCS Careers
Unit A.  Food Science
Problem Area 5.  Food Packaging and Labeling
Lesson 3.  Food Label Requirements

1. What are the guidelines for labeling the nutrient and calorie content of foods?

a. advertising procedures

b. dietary limitations

c. nourishment requirements

d. nutritional labeling

Answer: d

2. What is NOT required to be on a food product label?

a. the amount of product in the package

b. the date the food was prepared

c. the manufacturer’s name and address

d. the product name

Answer: b

3. Which is an example of food that requires labeling?

a. food packaged in a can

b. food produced in small businesses

c. food shipped in bulk

d. food sold for immediate consumption

Answer: a