Lesson BMM:E7-4
Problem Solving Defined
CD BMM.  Business, Marketing, and Computer Education
Unit E.  World of Work Skills
Problem Area 7.  Work Independently
Lesson 4.  Problem Solving Defined

1. A _________ is a life situation that creates a difficulty and a state of suspense, confusion, and doubt.

a. problem

b. resolution

c. result

d. solution

Answer: a

2. What is the first step in problem solving?

a. defining the problem

b. evaluating the action taken

c. identifying various solutions

d. taking action

Answer: a

3. What is the last step when making decisions?

a. examine alternatives available for overcoming each obstacle

b. identify the obstacles to realizing the goal or condition

c. rank the alternatives in terms of their probable consequences

d. choose the best alternative

Answer: d

4. How many steps are involved in the scientific method?

a. five

b. ten

c. fifteen

d. twenty

Answer: a

5. What is a predication of the results of an experiment?

a. data

b. hypothesis

c. solution

d. summary

Answer: b