Lesson HST:K4-2
Urinary Tract Disorders
CD HST.  Health Science Technology
Unit K.  Human Structure and Function: The Urinary System
Problem Area 4.  Understand Disorders of the Urinary System
Lesson 2.  Urinary Tract Disorders

1. Which is a true statement regarding urinary tract infections?

a. Men are at greater risk for a urinary tract infection than women.

b. The most common cause of a UTI are viruses entering the urethra.

c. The urinary system is sterile in that no pathogens are present.

d. Urinary tract infections are very uncommon.

Answer: c

2. ___________ is inflammation of the bladder.

a. Cystitis

b. Interstitial nephritis

c. Prostatitis

d. Urethritis

Answer: a

3. Which is true of benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH)?

a. It is the enlargement of the bladder that occurs during the later decades of life.

b. Ten percent of men at the age of 50 have some degree of BPH, and at the age of 80, this increases to 25%.

c. The cause of BPH is unknown but is believed to be related to enzymatic changes that occur as a man ages.

d. With this disorder, the tissue compresses the urethra, causing a restriction in the flow of urine.

Answer: d

4. What test involves a small scope being passed up the urethra into the bladder so the physician can visually examine the bladder?

a. cystectomy

b. cystoscopy

c. intravenous pylogram

d. transurethral needle ablation

Answer: b

5. ___________ is a chronic inflammatory condition of the bladder wall.

a. Invasive bladder cancer

b. Interstitial cystitis

c. Nocturia

d. Superficial bladder cancer

Answer: b