Lesson HST:L2-3
Pregnancy Disorders
CD HST.  Health Science Technology
Unit L.  Human Structure and Function: The Reproductive System
Problem Area 2.  Understand pregnancy
Lesson 3.  Pregnancy Disorders

1. What is pre-eclampsia?

a. It is a condition whereby women lose three or more pregnancies.

b. It is a procedure that involves encircling the opening of the cervix with a string or loop to hold it shut until the fetus is full term.

c. It is a serious condition affecting women after the 20th week of pregnancy that is characterized by elevated blood pressure.

d. It pertains to the prescription of medication to cause the uterus to contract and expel fetal products.

Answer: c

2. A ___________ is one in which all of the products of conception are expelled through the vagina.

a. complete abortion

b. inevitable abortion

c. missed abortion

d. threatened abortion

Answer: a

3. Approximately _____% of pregnant women develop gestational diabetes, which usually appears between the _____ weeks of pregnancy.

a. 1, 8th and 12th

b. 4, 24th and 28th

c. 12, 16th and 20th

d. 28, 26th and 32nd

Answer: b

4. Which is a true statement regarding preterm labor?

a. A woman who has had previous preterm labor has lower risk of preterm labor.

b. Behaviors such as smoking, illegal drug use, alcohol consumption, and lack of prenatal care are all maternal risk factors.

c. High socioeconomic status and white race are two factors increasing the risk of preterm labor.

d. Women between the ages of 18 and 40 are at greater risk of preterm labor.

Answer: b

5. What is a situation in which the placenta implants in the low part of the uterus, close to or over the cervix?

a. abruptio placentae

b. curettage

c. placenta previa

d. trichomoniasis

Answer: c