Lesson FCS:D3-4
Consumer/Customer Responsibilities
CD FCS.  Introduction to FCS Careers
Unit D.  Employability and Workplace Skills
Problem Area 3.  Demonstrate Customer Service
Lesson 4.  Consumer/Customer Responsibilities

1. What is protection given to consumers by the U.S. government?

a. consumer responsibilities

b. consumer rights

c. freedoms to purchase

d. spending regulations

Answer: b

2. Which of the following consumer rights pertains to food, shelter, and health care?

a. basic human needs

b. healthy environment

c. safety

d. truthful information

Answer: a

3. What is granted compensation for a consumer complaint?

a. certification

b. documentation

c. payment

d. redress

Answer: d

4. Which is one of the 8 consumer rights?

a. Consumers have the right to be heard when expressing satisfaction or complaints.

b. Consumers lose the right to safety when directions are not followed.

c. Consumers who do not follow necessary procedures void their rights.

d. Consumers who abuse their rights run the risk of losing them.

Answer: a