Lesson HST:O1-1
Lymphatic/Immune System Structures
CD HST.  Health Science Technology
Unit O.  Human Structure and Function: The Immune System
Problem Area 1.  Structures and Functions of the Immune System
Lesson 1.  Lymphatic/Immune System Structures

1. What is adenitis?

a. an inflammation or infection of the tonsils

b. an enlargement of the spleen

c. inflammation of the lymphatic vessels

d. inflammation or infection of the lymph nodes

Answer: d

2. Cancer of the white blood cells is known as ______________.

a. Hodgkin’s disease

b. leukocytosis

c. leukemia

d. lymphoma

Answer: c

3. Lupus is classified as a(n) ___________?

a. allergic disorder

b. auto-immune disorder

c. cancer

d. parasitic disorder

Answer: b

4. Which describes juvenile rheumatoid arthritis?

a. a condition caused by parasitic worms that block the lymphatic vessels

b. a condition whereby the body’s lymphatic/immune system attacks the joints of the body

c. a life-threatening condition caused by partial or complete failure of the adrenal glands

d. an allergic condition that causes dry, itchy skin known as atopic dermatitis

Answer: b