Lesson HST:Q1-2
CD HST.  Health Science Technology
Unit Q.  Nutrition
Problem Area 1.  Understanding Nutrition
Lesson 2.  MyPlate

1. Which food group provides many vitamins and minerals, assists the work of the immune system, and helps to build tissue?

a. discretionary calories

b. fruits

c. meats and beans

d. milk

Answer: c

2. ___________ include any food made from wheat, rice, oats, cornmeal, barley, or other cereal grains.

a. Grains

b. Fruits

c. Oils

d. Vegetables

Answer: a

3. How are apples, oranges, berries, melons, pears, and pineapple classified?

a. grains

b. fruits

c. oils

d. vegetables

Answer: b

4. What are two health benefits derived from vegetables?

a. building and maintenance of bone mass and decreased risk of osteoporosis

b. decreased risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease and decreased risk for Type 2 diabetes

c. good sources of Vitamin E and good sources of essential fatty acids

d. weight management and prevents neural tube defects (spina bifida)

Answer: b