Lesson DD:E1-3
Explore the Nature of Materials
CD DD.  Drafting & Design
Unit E.  Historical Perspectives of the Drafting and Design Field Industry
Problem Area 1.  History and Art of Design
Lesson 3.  Explore the Nature of Materials

1. What is the ability to expand and contract in extreme weather conditions?

a. durability

b. elasticity

c. hardness

d. heat-resistant

Answer: b

2. What is a series of thin layers of wood veneer that are glued together at right angles?

a. dimensional lumber

b. particle board

c. plywood

d. structural panels

Answer: c

3. What is a mixture of gravel, sand, water, and Portland cement?

a. concrete

b. gypsum

c. mortar

d. plaster

Answer: a

4. ______ materials enhance our environment over time through reduced energy consumption and/or resource depletion.

a. Cradle-to-cradle

b. Green

c. Nanotechnology

d. Sustainable


Answer: d