Lesson DD:F1-1
Use a Design Process
CD DD.  Drafting & Design
Unit F.  Design Process
Problem Area 1.  Overview of the Design Process
Lesson 1.  Use a Design Process

1. What is the completed process of bringing a new product or service to market?

a. construction

b. design

c. fabrication

d. product development

Answer: d

2. What is a systematic, iterative (repetitive) approach to problem solving that yields design solutions?

a. design constraints

b. design process

c. ideation

d. product development

Answer: b

3. ___ are limits on the design, such as the size and the cost of the technology

a. Design constraints

b. Design processes

c. Ideations

d. Product developments

Answer: a

4. What are full-size operating models of the actual object?

a. mock-ups

b. prototypes

c. scale models

d. simulations

Answer: b