Lesson DD:J1-1
CAD Software Set-Up
CD DD.  Drafting & Design
Unit J.  Graphic Agility
Problem Area 1.  Computer Applications: CAD (2D Drafting Techniques)
Lesson 1.  CAD Software Set-Up

1. What is located at the bottom of the screen and allows the user to see and to change drawing modes?

a. cascading menu

b. command line window

c. drawing window

d. status bar

Answer: d

2. What cannot be moved to any desired location on the screen and are typically found at the top of the screen and include most standard Windows icons and the most common AutoCAD commands?

a. docked toolbar

b. floating toolbar

c. iconic toolbar

d. workspaces

Answer: a

3. What allow the drafter/designer to measure distance from the last point entered instead of from the origin point

a. absolute coordinates

b. aligned coordinates

c. Ecuadorian coordinates

d. relative coordinates

Answer: d

4. What provides access to the infinite 3D space where lines, objects, and text are created?

a. command tab

b. layout tab

c. model tab

d. status tab

Answer: c

5. What is the place where you create drawings?

a. command line window

b. drawing window

c. polar window

d. world coordinate system

Answer: b