Lesson DD:J1-3
Draw Symbols Using Basic CAD Commands
CD DD.  Drafting & Design
Unit J.  Graphic Agility
Problem Area 1.  Computer Applications: CAD (2D Drafting Techniques)
Lesson 3.  Draw Symbols Using Basic CAD Commands

1. What is one or more objects combined to create a single object?

a. attribute

b. block

c. insert

d. symbol

Answer: b

2. What is the point where the object will be inserted into a drawing?

a. base point

b. cursor point

c. insert site

d. nest location

Answer: a

3. What is a block reference that contains other blocks and objects?

a. block editor

b. explode

c. nested object

d. Wblock

Answer: c

4. What is a block that has flexibility?

a. base block

b. dynamic block

c. nested block

d. symbol block

Answer: b

5. What is an object included in a block definition to store alphanumeric data?

a. attribute

b. insert

c. object

d. symbol

Answer: a