Lesson BMM:A1-4
Equipment Care
CD BMM.  Business, Marketing, and Computer Education
Unit A.  Technology
Problem Area 1.  Identify and Utilize Business Equipment and Peripherals
Lesson 4.  Equipment Care

1. What is thermal stress?

a. is the expanding and contracting of electronic equipment as it is heated and cooled

b. is the heating of devices for a long period of time

c. occurs when electronic equipment is exposed to direct sunlight

d. the structural damage due to late of best practices

Answer: a

2. Which of the following is a best practice for computer and peripheral care?

a. equipment should be kept in direct sunlight

b. computers should be kept on 24/7 with a room temperature over 75 degrees Fahrenheit

c. always unplug equipment to reduce battery charge

d. always use the correct replacement product and read owner’s manual instructions before replacement

Answer: d

3. Which of the following devices are used to protect electronic equipment from damaging voltage spikes related to storms or power outages?

a. ULs

b. UPS

c. surge protectors

d. storm plug-ins

Answer: c

4. A(n) __________ is an item made of nonconductive materials that will reduce the risk of electrostatic discharge when working with sensitive equipment.

a. antistatic mat

b. electrostatic cloth

c. power supply case

d. zero solution pad

Answer: a

5. What is spyware?

a. is a device that secretly collects personal information and activities of a user without the user’s permission

b. is a device that slows the overall performance of the computer

c. is malicious programming code injected into a computer to cause dysfunction

d. is a program to improve computer performance

Answer: a