Lesson HST:I1-4
Diseases and Disorders of the Cardiovascular System
CD HST.  Health Science Technology
Unit I.  Human Structure and Function: The Cardiac System
Problem Area 1.  Understand the Cardiovascular System
Lesson 4.  Diseases and Disorders of the Cardiovascular System

1. What is a hardening of the artery walls, resulting in thickening and calcification?

a. aneurysm

b. arteriosclerosis

c. atherosclerosis

d. phlebitis

Answer: b

2. What do thrombi describe?

a. abnormal clots

b. death of tissues

c. heart attacks

d. insufficient blood supplies

Answer: a

3. What is the cardiac muscle tissue forming the wall of the heart

a. atrioventrium

b. myocardium

c. pericardium

d. sinoatrium

Answer: b

4. What is a condition in which the heart flutters because the muscle fibers are contracting out of step with each other?

a. angina pectoris

b. cardiac tamponade

c. fibrillation

d. stenosis

Answer: c

5. What is congestive heart failure?

a. a condition in which blood backs up into the pulmonary circulation

b. a shock that results from decreased blood volume due to loss of blood

c. the inability of the left ventricle to pump blood effectively

d. when the force of blood exerted on the arterial wall exceeds 140/90mm Hg

Answer: c