Lesson HGD:D7-4
Alzheimer's Services and Hospice
CD HGD.  Human Growth & Development
Unit D.  Creating and Cultivating the Environment
Problem Area 7.  Living Environments for Individuals with Medical Needs
Lesson 4.  Alzheimer's Services and Hospice

1. What is dementia?

a. is an extreme gain in caring and strength

b. is an extreme loss of ability to process thoughts

c. is an extreme loss of balance and movement

d. is a loss of eye sight and hearing

Answer: b

2. __________ is care given for a short period to provide a break for the main caregiver.

a. Assisted living

b. Home health care

c. Informal home care

d. Respite care

Answer: d

3. What is a residential facility that provides care 24 hours a day 7 days a week with registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nursing assistants?

a. adult day program

b. assisted living

c. nursing home

d. respite care

Answer: c

4. Which of the following are included in a hospice team?

a. doctors and nurses

b. counselors and social worker

c. homemakers and volunteers

d. all of the above

Answer: d

5. What is palliative care?

a. is care that uses hospice principles to treat people in earlier stages of a terminal illness or life-threatening condition

b. is care given to a person with a illness

c. is social care that is needed to treat people in early stages of Alzheimer’s disease

d. is a progressive condition that causes problems with memory, thinking, and behavior

Answer: a