Lesson HGD:F1-4
Develop Empathy
CD HGD.  Human Growth & Development
Unit F.  Professional Practices
Problem Area 1.  Communication Skills
Lesson 4.  Develop Empathy

1. Which is a true statement regarding empathy?

a. It involves true understanding of the person or situation.

b. It is less profound than sympathy.

c. It is usually natural and cannot be learned.

d. It is valuable for a handful of profession.

Answer: a

2. ___________ is the ability to understand or identify with another personís feelings or situation.

a. Apathy

b. Empathy

c. Indifference

d. Lethargy

Answer: b

3. What is paraphrasing the speakerís situation or feelings?

a. empathetic listening

b. repeating

c. reflecting

d. self-assessment

Answer: c

4. What term empathetic listening mean?

a. a listener not having to condone the speakerís thoughts or actions

b. an empathizer evaluating his or her own attitudes, actions, and knowledge

c. giving complete attention to a speaker and focusing on his or her words and feelings

d. paraphrasing the speakerís situation or feelings

Answer: c