Lesson HGD:F6-4
Common Core Resources for Lesson and Activity Delivery Model
CD HGD.  Human Growth & Development
Unit F.  Professional Practices
Problem Area 6.  Professional Development Through Learning Standards
Lesson 4.  Common Core Resources for Lesson and Activity Delivery Model
How does pedagogy impact the teaching process and all that it includes?
a)It allows for instructional strategies with a goal of teaching skills to students.
b)It makes teachers notate data each day so they may improve their skills.
c)It focuses on adult learning strategies and how adults learn best.
d)It provides a unique learning methodology based on current research.
Answer: a
Why is andragogy important for teachers to fully understand?
a)It gives teachers tools to prepare children to move into the next grade level.
b)It focuses on adult learning teaching strategies and principles.
c)It focuses on using the online platform to teach secondary students.
d)It gives teachers new teaching strategies for use with preschoolers.
Answer: b
What is a change in the focus of teaching and learning for students of certain ages called?
a)an andragogical phase
b)a new era shift in learning
c)a pedagogical shift
d)a 50/50 balance shift
Answer: c
Why does coherence help students build their learning skills and knowledge?
a)It uses subtraction and addition concepts as they move grades.
b)It provides real-time learning tools that may be used immediately.
c)It offers ratios and mathematical proportions in an understanding manner.
d)It involves thinking across grades and linking to major topics within grades.
Answer: d
How might a teacher use the Engage program to future college students?
a)It provides real-time, professional learning tools and resources to help educators deliver college- and career-ready education to all students.
b)It provides an opportunity for teachers to train with appropriate tools so they can become a college educator.
c)It provides teachers with the skills to teach career readiness in pre-school and elementary classrooms.
d)It provides teachers with the skills to teach college readiness to elementary and junior high students
Answer: a
What individual is recognized for being a leader in pragmatism and how it is used in education?
a)Charles Prosser
b)John Dewey
c)Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
d)Barack Obama
Answer: b
How is rote used in classroom teaching?
a)It is technique in which the teacher uses lecture primarily in teaching.
b)It focuses on learning how to synthesize data and language in order to remember.
c)It is applying knowledge in an online learning environment for remembering skills.
d)It is a technique that uses mechanical repetition to help remember information.
Answer: d
How is the term "infer" used in classrooms?
a)to teach students how to define a term and memorize
b)to teach students the importance of learning input data
c)to teach students how to draw conclusions from evidence
d)to teach students the importance of keeping good records
Answer: c