Lesson HGD:G1-3
Supply Purchasing and Cost Management
CD HGD.  Human Growth & Development
Unit G.  Program Administration
Problem Area 1.  Planning Budgets
Lesson 3.  Supply Purchasing and Cost Management
How is the best way to define volume as it relates to supply purchasing?
a)The amount of a product to purchase.
b)The number of items that were sold.
c)The amount of calories in food consumed.
d)The amount of carbohydrates, in volume, in food.
Answer: a
How is total cost measured?
a)It is the price of one unit of a supply.
b)It is the amount of products in inventory.
c)It is the entire amount spent on supply.
d)It is preapproved food to be sold.
Answer: c
Why is the manufacturer important as a part of the supply purchasing of products?
a)They are the company that advertises the products.
b)They are the company that makes the products.
c)They work with research to improve products.
d)They keep the products broken down to sell.
Answer: b
What is the organization called that buys and sells large volumes of merchandise and resells to the customers?
Answer: b
Why don't schools and group homes have to pay taxes on products that are purchased for their facilities?
a)They are not a part of the lawmaking process.
b)They are viewed as more important than tax payers.
c)They do pay a small amount, but, are exempt otherwise.
d)They are a 501(c)(3) organization which are exempt.
Answer: d
How are budget costs controlled?
a)They may be controlled by using discount programs and ordering wisely.
b)They allow the government to order products and supplies as needed.
c)They must sign an agreement that allows for purchasing specific items.
d)They follow guidelines and rules as indicated in the USDA website.
Answer: a
What is it called when products and goods are purchased, in a controlled timing of items delivered, and finding the best prices?
a)supply guidance and customer referral program
b)supply purchasing, marketing, and distribution program
c)supply purchasing and cost management program
d)supply, demand, and cost purchasing program
Answer: c
How does a budget allow for purchasing of products for a school or company?
a)Money is allocated as line items for specific item purchasing.
b)Funds are only available as taxed and no taxed purchases.
c)Funds may become unavailable if not purchased in a week.
d)Money is broken down in multiples of three to show purchases.
Answer: a