Lesson HGD:H8-1
Examine the Grief Process
CD HGD.  Human Growth & Development
Unit H.  Acquisition of Knowledge Base
Problem Area 8.  Death and Dying
Lesson 1.  Examine the Grief Process

1. What does stage one of grief often involve?

a. anger

b. bargaining

c. denial

d. depression

Answer: c

2. ____________ occurs after the grief has lessened and the individual has accepted and recognized the loss.

a. Acceptance

b. Numbness

c. Shock

d. Withdrawal

Answer: a

3. Wishing he or she could take the place of the deceased, and attempts to make "deals" with a higher being are examples of _________.

a. acceptance

b. anger

c. bargaining

d. depression

Answer: c

4. What does it mean to cope?

a. achieve peace and reconciliation

b. attempt to overcome difficulties or problems

c. lash out with irrational words or actions

d. rejects all attempts by others to console

Answer: b