Lesson FCS:E2-1
Nonverbal Communication
CD FCS.  Introduction to FCS Careers
Unit E.  Communication Skills
Problem Area 2.  Demonstrate Nonverbal Communication Skills
Lesson 1.  Nonverbal Communication

1. What requires attention to what is said and also involves the listener asking questions?

a. active listening

b. discourse

c. hearing

d. speaking

Answer: a

2. What message does a palm-to-palm handshake convey?

a. aggression

b. comfort

c. comradeship, like-minded

d. openness and honesty

Answer: d

3. Which of the following is a true statement regarding body language?

a. It includes facial expressions, verbal tone, gestures, strength of voice, and posture.

b. It is often an unconscious expression of one’s feelings.

c. Usually body language is nonexistent when you are not communicating verbally.

d. Women tend to have more difficulty reading body language than do men.

Answer: b

4. What is a technique used to read and fully understand information?

a. Cornell Note-taking System

b. Ishikawa Diagram

c. KWL

d. SQ3R

Answer: d