Lesson FCS:F1-8
FCS Careers
CD FCS.  Introduction to FCS Careers
Unit F.  Career Exploration Skills
Problem Area 1.  Explore FCS Careers
Lesson 8.  FCS Careers

1. Who are people who develop products for the food industry?

a. dietitians

b. food scientists

c. nutritionists

d. sanitarians

Answer: b

2. Which is MOST likely a responsibility of a facility and event manager or planner?

a. Analyze the needs and assets of an area to determine the facilities that should be built.

b. Design outdoor spaces to be attractive and useful.

c. Offer physical and psychological support in a private home or in a residential care setting environment.

d. Plan and supervise the buildings and grounds for a resort, campus, hotel, or spa.
Answer: d

3. Which job title is associated with treating clients with mental illness and substance abuse problems?

a. career consultant

b. clinical social worker

c. grief counselor

d. parent educator
Answer: b

4. What is a job description for a fashion illustrator?

a. Analyze trends to determine the styles, colors, and textures for a specific apparel design.

b. Design apparel and choose the textile for the design.

c. Use appealing illustrations and photos of apparel and textiles in various publications.

d. Work with brand-name clothing and market the social aspects of the apparel to the appropriate audience.

Answer: b

5. Who are people that inspect food-processing and packaging plants for food safety issues?

a. chefs and cooks

b. food service manager

c. nutritionists

d. sanitarians
Answer: d