Lesson DD:H2-1
Nonverbal Communication
CD DD.  Drafting & Design
Unit H.  Communication Skills
Problem Area 2.  Presentation Skills
Lesson 1.  Nonverbal Communication

1. What is how close a personís body is positioned to another person?

a. alignment

b. orientation

c. posture

d. proximity

Answer: d

2. What is the activity of the hands while communicating?

a. body posture

b. eye contact

c. facial expressions

d. hand gestures

Answer: d

3. What is stressing particular words to affect the meaning of a sentence?

a. emphasis

b. inflection

c. pauses

d. volume

Answer: a

4. What is how words or sounds are spoken, independent of the words themselves?

a. body language

b. non-lingual sounds

c. non-verbal communication

d. paralanguage

Answer: d

5. Which is an effective guideline for using non-verbal behaviors during presentations?

a. It is important to maintain concentrated eye contact for a more than 7 seconds.

b. It is necessary to respect personal space by entering the 2- to 3-feet space around a person.

c. The speaker should speak slightly louder than normal to ensure that all can hear.

d. The speaker should sigh, groan, or make other sounds to convey negative emotions or a loss of control.

Answer: c