Lesson CA:A1-1
Culinary Career Paths
CD CA.  Foods, Nutrition, and Culinary Arts
Unit A.  Culinary Arts
Problem Area 1.  Career Opportunities in Culinary Arts
Lesson 1.  Culinary Career Paths

1. Who are the people in charge of tasks such as working with vendors, creating the menu, preparing food, managing employees, and interacting with customers?

a. executive chefs

b. line cooks

c. prep cooks

d. sous-chefs

Answer: a

2. Who are the people who are second in command in a kitchen?

a. executive chefs

b. garde-mangers

c. pastry chefs

d. sous-chefs

Answer: d

3. Who are people who plan nutritional programs to promote healthy choices and, therefore, minimize diseases related to poor nutrition?

a. dieticians

b. food stylists

c. garde-mangers

d. prep cooks

Answer: a

4. What is a single menu from which customers choose their selections usually while walking through a line with a tray?

a. culinary creation

b. fine-dining

c. institutional catering

d. on-the-go eating

Answer: c