Lesson GEEC:A1-2
Green Organizations and Resources
CD GEEC.  Green and Energy-Efficient Construction
Unit A.  Green Construction Industry
Problem Area 1.  Green Construction Career Opportunities
Lesson 2.  Green Organizations and Resources

1. What educational level provides free curriculum to assist students and teachers in educational awareness and encouraging career involvement in the areas of sustainability, renewable energy, and other environmental topics?

a. elementary

b. secondary

c. post-secondary

d. graduate

Answer: b

2. Which of the following organizations is a coalition of students and young professional who promote the green building movement?

a. American institute of Architecture Students

b. Alternative Energy Society

c. Emerging Green Builders

d. American Society of Civil Engineers

Answer: c

What is continuing education?

a. encourages involvement pertaining to legislation

b. provides information on people and projects, as well as information pertaining to job outlook, salary, awards, and resources

c. is abundant to assist teachers by improving awareness and encouraging career advancement

d. is instruction to keep a person current in his or her field or specific skill area

Answer: d

What is advocacy?

a. support for or of a cause

b. an advancement to a higher job

c. process of development

d. the height above a point

Answer: a

Which of the following is not a trade associated with the green construction industry?

a. construction

b. interior design

c. culinary arts

d. landscaping

Answer: c