Lesson GEEC:D4-2
Pollution Prevention and Waste Management
CD GEEC.  Green and Energy-Efficient Construction
Unit D.  Renewable Energy
Problem Area 4.  Environmental Impact Evaluation
Lesson 2.  Pollution Prevention and Waste Management

1. What is a small, separate bit of material, such as a granular substance or powder, suspended in gas or liquid?

a. aquifer

b. particulate

c. solvent

d. toxin

Answer: b

2. Which type of pollution are diesel fuel, oil, paint, solvents, cleaners, and other harmful chemicals a special concern?

a. noise pollution

b. radioactive pollution

c. thermal pollution

d. water pollution

Answer: d

3. What means to reduce or lessen?

a. augment

b. exacerbate

c. intensify

d. mitigate

Answer: d

4. What is diffused contamination with an untraceable origin?

a. non-point source pollution

b. non-renewable resource

c. point source pollution

d. renewable resources

Answer: a