Lesson GEEC:E2-5
Materials and Resources
CD GEEC.  Green and Energy-Efficient Construction
Unit E.  Building Science and Design
Problem Area 2.  Green Building Elements
Lesson 5.  Materials and Resources

What is a combination of 85 percent recycled polystyrene breads and a cement binder?

a. adobe

b. cinder

c. green board

d. rastra

Answer: d

Which of the following is a post-industrial material?

a. metal scraps

b. old furniture

c. gallon jugs

d. office paper

Answer: a

Who has developed a paint additive that allows paint to act as insulation and as anoise suppressant?

a. FDA

b. EPA



Answer: c

What are the three Rs?

a. reduce, reuse, read

b. rehab, reduce, results

c. recycle, reward, reduce

d. reduce, reuse, recycle

Answer: d

What is a carbon footprint?

a. is an ethical or philosophic value

b. is a measurement of greenhouse gases that are created or units of carbon dioxide that are generated

c. is the total cost of something over its lifetime

d. is the quotient from dividing the total amount of greenhouse gases by the estimated annual release of carbon monoxide

Answer: b