Lesson BMM:I1-1
Make Change for a Customer
CD BMM.  Business, Marketing, and Computer Education
Unit I.  Math for Business
Problem Area 1.  Apply Consumer and Basic Math Skills
Lesson 1.  Make Change for a Customer
The _____ has a responsibility to the employer to collect the correct amount of money for the service or items purchased by the customer.


Answer: c
What do employers assume job applicants know how to do?

a.make basic change
b.manufacture specific business technology
c.operation of specific business procedures
d.assemble specific business products
Answer: a
What is a change-making method that allows the counter to simultaneously make change and determine the amount of change due to the customer?

a.counting down
b.amount of money
c.amount charged
d.counting up

Answer: d
What do customers avoid when additional change is given at the transaction point?

a.change back
b.to receive back larger coinage
c.avoid coins altogether
d.all of the above

Answer: d
What is estimation?

a.the exact amount of money
b.the calculated approximation of a mathematical result
c.the change given back to the customer
d.the result of counting down
Answer: b