Lesson ALSP:C1-2
Organic Compounds and Synthesis
CD ALSP.  Advanced Life Sciences- Plant
Unit C.  Molecules and Plant Cells
Problem Area 1.  Atoms and Molecules
Lesson 2.  Organic Compounds and Synthesis

What are the main building blocks of plant cells and tissues that always contain carbon and are usually large, complex molecules.


a.                  inorganic compounds

b.                  water

c.                  membranes

d.         organic compounds

Answer: d

Organic molecules are made of simple molecules called _______________________?


            a.         polymers

            b.         monomers

            c.         tetramers

            d.         dinomers

Answer: b

What is the process of building macromolecules from monomers?


            a.         condensation

            b.         hydrolosis

            c.         photosynthesis

            d.         respiration
Answer: a

Which term is used for oily compounds that consist of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms and tend to be insoluble in water?


            a.         carboyhydrates.

            b.         proteins

            c.         lipids

            d.         nucleic acids
Answer: c

What is a single nucleotide that is a very important energy-carrying molecule found in cells?


            a.         purine

            b.         adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

            c.         monosaccharides

            d.         hormones
Answer: b