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1. Email Course Outline
If you create and save a course outline, you may easily share it with another teacher through the "Email Course Outline" link.
2. Print/Export Course Outline
Course Outlines may be printed or exported directly to MS Excel or MS Word.  The outlines include detailed alignments of lesson plans to academic standards.

View Printer Friendly Course Outline

3. Assign E-Units
Each lesson in a course outline has been carefully correlated to an E-Unit.  This link enables teachers to assign all E-Units associated with this course outline to select students at the click of a button.
4. Create Quiz
Each lesson within a saved course outline has up to five (5) associated questions.  The multiple choice questions have been drafted to test the goals covered in the lesson.  This button enables teachers to create a multiple choice exam to test course outline topics.  The exam may be created at the click of a button and administered online for students to submit.
5. Content Section & Standards
This section lists the correlated state standards for each lesson composing the course outline.  Mouse over the Standard Code to view a detailed description of each standard.
6. Download Lesson Plan
This link is available for all lessons in the course outline.  Click on Download Lesson Plan" to open a PDF version of the lesson plan in a new window.

View Sample Lesson Plan

7. Lesson Plan Title
Mouse over the name of each Lesson Plan in your saved course outline to view detailed Lesson Plan Library information.
8. PowerPoint (PPT) Files
Each lesson is correlated to one or more PowerPoint© Student Presentations.  Click on the corresponding link(s) to save and view the PowerPoint files.

Click on link to view sample PPT:
Understanding Genetics

9. Aligned Standards Report
Click this link to view a summary report detailing all state standards correlated to the applicable lesson plan.

View Sample Summary Report

10. E-Units
Each lesson in a course outline is correlated to one or more E-Units.  An E-Unit is a concise content unit developed explicitly for ag ed students.  Most E-Units are 6 to 8 pages in length and cover a single learning objective.  They are designed to look like pages in a traditional textbook.

View Sample E-Unit

11. View Aligned Questions
This link is similar to #4 above.  In this case, teachers reserve the right to view questions correlated to just the lesson in question.
12. Specify Sequence
Teachers may re-order lessons in a course outline as they see fit.
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